I have an issue with the portal preview



Hi… I have an issue in portal preview
My story does not load in the portal preview. I don’t know what the problem with it
when I press “Save And Preview” “loading story” come but the preview is black…
Please fix it :slight_smile:


What browser are you using?
Chrome is the best and will always load the preview x


i use Chrome but the preview is not coming :disappointed_relieved:


Maybe press only save, and refresh your google chrome after saving the episode, then press save and preview after refreshing.


I’ve pretty much always had this problem, no matter what browser I use. It either stays black and says it’s loading, or I get various error messages or it just crashes my laptop. I’ve tried every browser under the sun. I could use the previewer when it first came out, but after all the multiple updates that were done, it just doesn’t work for me anymore. Can’t use the animation previewer either. I suspect that it’s just not compatable with all pc’s or laptops. Mine is about 2 years old and is really fast and works so well for everything else, just not Episode. But I refuse to buy a more up to date laptop just for Episode :joy: this one cost me a bomb :rofl:
I know this may not be helpful for you, but you’re not alone and this is just my suspicion.


I have the same problem with my portal preview and my Chrome is not working. I’m using Firefox right now and it’s still not working.


I have one of 5 years old workes perfectly… maybe you need updates from Microsoft. Or Have you ever cleaned your pc i use every week c-cleaner (there is a free one) and malware bites (also free version) and always update those and your virusscanner. Or mayby it is the virus scanner that blocks it for some reason, i dont know.


Yes another friend suggested CC cleaner so I use that. There’s something clearly not comparable though. Just no idea what it could be 🤷


hi @risingsun I had the same problem… so I just clear all my history on Chrome settings now my portal is working so smoothly try this… hope it will help you :hearts:


@Zoekezoef now it’s working… and yes I scan my PC always… but I have to clear all my history on chrome after that it started to work… thankyou so much for taking out your time and giving me reply… so kind of you xxx


@amepisode hi, try to clear all your history on chrome settings and then try clearing history will sign you out from every website you have logged in, nd then sign in back and check it will work smoothly… I hope it helps you <3


I appreciate your advice, thank you for offering help. I have honestly tried everything imaginable. Luckily I’m not that bothered about the previewer. When I could use it I found it fiddly and laborious :rofl: but really do appreciate you looking at ways that could help x


c cleaner deletes your history background too but you have to click it in your preferences. just when i want to stop my pc i use c cleaner so it is clean the next time.