I have another question about the points system

Hi, and about the points system, I was wondering, at what number of points should I get the system to get the reader to unlock scenes or get the better ending, when the reader has at least made its majority of choices choosing plus figures? Please let me know.

I always worry about this when writing, for me I like to be a little lenient as some people (myself) can read things wrong, slow reaction times ect. I tend to go for half points, some scenes require a few more, it really depends on the scene and how many points have been available to be made so far! :slight_smile:

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I think that depends of how long your story is and how many points can be gained during en episode :thinking: For example if there are 100 possible points and the reader gained 60, it’s not very much :sweat_smile: They still missed 40 points. Just like making 60% on a test… so I think 70% or 75% of the total points would be good to get the better ending. Then again 50-70% for a neutral one and so on.
It’s just a rough idea of how it would make sense to do but it’s up to you of course :slight_smile:

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