I have automatic bold font in all dialogue and can't see color effects!

Please, episode, fix this :sweat_smile:

I’ve had this for over a week now I think? One day I just woke up and the entire app was like this. All the regular font is bold. And if the author makes the text bold (like I do in my story sometimes), then it looks like “regular” font, so it’s inversed.

This is happening for literally all stories I read on the app, including my own that I’m writing.

I also cannot see colored text effects! They appear black and white.

I can’t take proper screenshots and it just impacts my entire story reading experience in a negative way. I’ve been sending support tickets back and forth, tried uninstalling/reinstalling the app, clearing cache, replaying stories, etc, nothing works. I think this is some feature that’s being tested on some accounts, as I saw other people who had different-than-normal fonts… but I’d really like to remove this from my account as it really impacts my story reading experience. Thank you :heart:

Here are the screenshots of random stories (all stories I’m reading have dialogue appear bold now):

Here’s a screenshot of the menu of my story that’s supposed to have color effects but I can’t see them in the mobile app:

Here’s how that scene is supposed to look like and how it looks like in my writer’s portal:

If I add any animation effects to the text in my story or if I see any in other stories, they appear to not be bold, however, any regular text without any effects appears to be bold. Please fix my account, episode :heart:

I’m curious, are you on Apple or Android?


Interesting! I’ve got absolutely no bolded or italics :thinking:
(and am on Android)

I feel like it could be some random feature that episode is testing out. I noticed some people have different fonts in their screenshots on instagram. But I really wish I could just get the regular episode text back.

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So weird! This I’ve never seen this one but I do have the bold/italic issue.

All in all, I think both were likely caused by the emoji change from outlines to colored. They’re definitely bugs and were certainly not intentional on their part.

Hmm, emoji change? Interesting, I haven’t heard about that. Hopefully they fix this soon.

It was never announced anywhere. It’s just my theory. Because the emojis used to be black outlines and after I saw the bold/italics issue I checked the emojis and they were colored. They’d also likely be in the same area of the code since they both deal with speechbubbles and text and that’s when things have a higher chance of breaking in programming.

Agreed. My story highly relies on bolded letters :confused:

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That is the exact same thing with me. I thought that is was just that I changed my settings so that I could see the font.

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I just tried adding some emojis to the dialogue, and I can see the color of the emojis (just not the color of the text.) Also, it makes the text look “normal” (not bold) if I add an emoji to that speech bubble, but it still won’t let me see the color of the text if I change the color. But if I don’t add any emojis or effects, the text shows up bold. Weird.

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That’s a whole different level of weird! Crazy! They got a huge bug on their hands.

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I think that’s the new android update or smth but idrk hope u get ur problem fix


Looks really nice

RIP normal reading experience, lol. It’s been well over a month and I’m still having this issue. :sweat_smile:. Anyone else?

My text effects issue got fixed recently, at least bold and italic text. As for the examples you put above, I don’t have that problem (I don’t know if it ever was broken).

It still hasn’t been fixed for me :confused:
I guess this could be one of those permanent things like the missing fanmail.