I have doubts about using gains like this:

  • Is it possible use gains twice?
    for example in a choice I use a gain to remember it and then in the scene I want to use the gain I use it and then use it again in another scene?

  • And also is it possible in a choice with gains used them in another chapter and not in the chapter I put it?
    (Let’s say in chapter 3 I put a choice “black” or “white” I use the gains for the two options and then end the chapter , and in chapter 4 I want to remember which option the reader chose. Is it possible?)
    (lol, hope whoever answer can understand what I’m trying to say :grimacing:)

  • Or is there another method to do both?

You can use gains as many times as you need, and yes gains can be remembered in all future chapters.


Alright then, thank you so much! :smile: