I have ideas, need the one who bring them to episode!

Hey guys! I love reading episode some stories are epic!!! I want to create stories of my on, bring my ideas to episode. Unfortunatelly, i dont have talent to code, and i dont have time to properly learn how to code. English is not my first language, so i could make mistakes. If someone wants to create a story based on my script write me!! I think we could make can make a great team!

First of my story idea would be a story named “wild hearts can’t be broken” Its about young woman with troubled past, who fall in love with rich bussiness man son. Love, friendship, enemies, intense, hate and unexpected finalle. Its not started yet, but if there anyone who is interested, i could start writing. This story would have 2 seasons. My ideas could be edited by episode format, because it’s only something book type.

I can do it!!

Thats awesome!!! I write you PM

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