I have lost my story please help

Hi guys I’m brand new to this and came for help finding a story I started but lost from my favorites. It was limelight and the author is Australian. The story is about a girl that works in a bar with childhood neighbor. She is also going to school for nursing by day. She decides that she will kill time after her shift on Valentine’s Day by going to the movie theater to watch an old 90s movie. She drops her phone and a nice guy helps get it back and invites her to sit next to him. They watch the movie together and talk a bit and part ways after the movie not catching each other’s names but obviously were smitten. So She has a bf but he is kind of a trash can. He stays out the time and invites friends for parties in their apartment and trashed the apartment. The landlord came to visit and decided to kick them out because of the destroyed apartment. Bf decides to call his dad over to help them out of the situation. Turns out her bfs dad is actually the man she met at the cinema. He offers for the couple to live with him while they save up for a new apartment. They decide to move in and the dad lives in a mansion and works from home as a technology and software expert. The dad and the sons girlfriend(MC) have very apparent feelings but nothing has happened yet from as far as I’ve been able to read.
If somebody recognizes the story PLEASE help me. If you know the title or author I would greatly appreciate it.

I’m also having this problem! It was this story about a girl who basically was hella rich, had a evil mom, the girl is trying to find her dad, the mom ends up sending the girl away to a prestigious school for like the rich, famous, even royalty! There she meets some shady dude who’s willing to give her information on her dad however she needs to go out with three people to get info on them, one was like the daughter of the president, another was a legit princess, and I think the last was some celebrity, eventually though she finds her dad, he ends up being a awful person as well, at the end you choose who you want and I chose the princess, and she ends up with her grandparents money which was left for her not her evil parents PLEASE IF U KNOW THE NAME REPLY​:pleading_face::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Hi:) I’m not sure if you’re still looking for the story, but I’m pretty sure it’s ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ by Cindy Gaultier:)