I have my character in a specific spot and sized but he keeps getting taller

I put my boy character behind the other two characters. I have him set in a specific spot and I sized him but when I go to preview my script and he is not the size I have him. Here’s a picture.
Screenshot 2022-03-12 4.32.30 PM
Screenshot 2022-03-12 4.32.45 PM

this is a new glitch on the portal, episode has said theyre looking into it, it should look correct when you preview in the app


What @willowkayyy said is true, however I haven’t encountered this issue so I’m not quite sure what to do.

theres no fix right now, hopefully episode fixes it soon because its so annoying lol
tory said to submit a ticket i fyou havent already @bianca.episodes

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Ah, I understand. If I ever get this issue, I will. But for now, I’ll keep coding as normal.

its only happening with newly created characters!

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Oh! That’s probably why I haven’t gotten this issue yet…I hope the Episode Team resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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i hope so!

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Ohh okay thank you!!

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I have the same issue but only with male characters :confused:

Me too! I’m not sure what’s happening…

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It’s so annoying lol :slight_smile: