I have no ideas for a story, does anyone mind giving me some ideas?

Hello, okay, I am a user of the episode interactive and I know exactly what I’m doing. But I don’t know what to do at all, if anyone doesn’t mind can you write a few suggestions for stories that are unique and have not been used before.

Hey! Do you prefer any genres? Also LL or Ink?

Well, I don’t really mind/prefer any genres and LL.


  1. You receive an anonymous note that tells you to come to the pier at 9 o’clock. When you arrive on the pier that evening, you find a picture of your best friend tied up in your bedroom.
  2. Two men sit at the bar sneaking glances at your table. When the waitress brings you and your date drinks she places a napkin in front of you with “RUN” scrawled on it.
  3. Every morning you seem to ride the elevator with a young girl from the mailroom. The two of you share small talk usually until you reach your floor. She confides in you briefly that her boyfriend is a little overbearing. The next day she the mailroom girl isn’t anywhere in the building and doesn’t come to work everyday thereafter for a week.
    Hope you use one <3

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