I have problem with finding a story

I read a story which i haven’t added to favouritest and of course forgot the name of it. It was a story where we could choose our gender, we had there a friend (of course I forgot her name too :slight_smile: ) ) and we also could choose looks for our 4 LI (two mens and two females) one of them was Derek- the bad boy guy, and the other was Danielle.(I don’t remember the orthers.) We were good at chemistry. We also found diamond in the ceramic duck (because we wanted to piss off the cousin of our friend) and we were later kidnapped by the gang which Derek was part of. We later could sleep with him, then we escaped and runned into the house of Danielle… And yes, I know that that’s all confusing. :joy: But if anyone could help me, I will be more than thankful.:heart: (If I made any mistakes- I’m sorry, but English isn’t my first language.)

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Hmm sounds like it