I have problem with templates

So I used a CC template and I removed name change but since I did that its saying there’s an error and that body color doesn’t exist. Can anyone help me with this?

If they’re all reacting it’s usually just the portal lagging. Try exit the site and go back. I’d that doesn’t work remove and insert the template again.

i tried to do both a few times. It doesn’t work

Have you tried getting rid of everything to do with the customisation and using the one in the portal? You can change the name there too.

I don’t wanna name change. I tried with ones they already have there but templates there are to old they are missing a lot of things.

@Dara.Amarie has really nice templates on her website: https://www.dara-amarie.com/

Thank you so much!!!

It’s ok :slight_smile: Hope it works for you!


Thank you all for the advice :blush:

It’s ok! :slight_smile:

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