I have problems in opening Episode

Hi, my app isn’t loading.I open it and it says that I should update it but it has already been updated, and all I can do is close it.What should I do?

Submit a ticket to the episode team…

@lauralaslo welcome to the forums! I moved your topic to the Report a Bug Mobile App section since this is a mobile bug report. Feel free to submit a ticket to our support team who can help you with this. Also, feel free to review our forum tutorials in the Welcome section of the forums. They are a huge help when it comes to learning the in’s and out’s of the forums. Thanks! :peace_symbol:

I write episodes and enjoy reading others but I ended up deleted Episode. Then when I went back to down load Episode I would click on the app and it says there’s a chance we can’t get ur data all hooked up or something and I click the play button but it won’t load it just keeps me on the loading page of the app and won’t go through please help me find a way I can fix this. Thanks you