I Have Some Animation Suggestions To Add To The Portal

I’m sitting here, writing my story and I go into the Animations tab, and think: When are we getting animations like brushing teeth (with of course, toothbrush and toothpaste props), tying shoes, workout animations, yoga animations, washing hands, drying off animation, blowing out candles animations, or lighting candles animations? Not to mention, adding a drink animation using the straw of the drink. I think these would really bring the characters more to life if there are more animations like these. (This is not a complaint lol, just some thoughts and ideas :relaxed:)

Ps I wasn’t sure what correct topic to put this in, but if it’s not in the right one please go ahead and move this thread :slight_smile: mwah!


Support! :raised_hands: These sound great!

edit: thumbsup animation would be cool!!

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