I have some backgrounds and overlays available to be used :)


I shared this on Instagram but I thought I’d share this here in case anyone is interested.
I recently uploaded some backgrounds and overlays that I use in my stories. You’re free to use them (credit is required).
I am not an editor, so the cutting isn’t the neatest (especially with the earlier edits), but I feel that they do the job lol. Most of the overlays are mirrors or desks, but I also have some sliding half-room overlays which are good for phone conversations. More will be added soon :slight_smile: .

For credit, please mention elisec_episode (IG) somewhere in your Episode story (if you’d prefer to mention me somewhere else instead, please check with me first).
I do not currently take requests.

Background examples

Click here


These are soo cool, but how do I put them on my story


Go to the link and download the background. In the writer’s portal, click on “art catalog”. Under backgrounds, you’ll see a drop-down menu that says “Backgrounds: Available for ALL stories”. Click it and select “Backgrounds: Uploaded to YOUR account”. You’ll then have the option to upload your own.


Thank you!
I’ll be sure to shout you out on my new story called ‘Monaro vs Storm’


You’re welcome :slight_smile:


Do you also do cover arts?


No, sorry. I make my own but I don’t do them for other people because I’m not very good lol. There are quite a few threads on the forums for free cover art though so I’m sure you can find someone on here! :smiley:


yeah, hopefully :grinning:


Wow, these are great! Thanks for sharing them :two_hearts: how should people credit you?


There’s more to come right? Cyberstalk has a lot of backgrounds as you said :eyes:


A lot more :rofl:
The entire story basically has them living out of hotel rooms lol and there’s only so many times I can use the two Episode ones.


Elise, they’re good


Thank you! :smiley:


Thank you!
There’s information on that in my drive, but crediting elisec_episode (IG) is the best way (somewhere in your story) :slight_smile:


I saw these on your IG page! :joy:


:rofl: I thought I’d share them here too :grinning:


Added a couple more things today. More will slowly be added :slight_smile:
Here are two of the backgrounds added (the wedding background also has a version without the circular lights) and I added some more overlays including a desk, TV and computer.