I have some ehh news


Hey guys. So I have some sucky news. I won’t be able to be as active as much. With school and their laptop restrictions, I can’t be on this site on this computer. It sucks so I will get on like every while. I will miss all of my friends. I will try to get on on another device but I can’t promise it to be everyday. Group chats aren’t aloud. I am not aloud to get on Social Networks on here. And I don’t have a phone anymore. I am sorry I have to stop being so active on here but I don’t want to get in some kind of trouble. I will still get on every once and a while but it’s not going to be so frequently, sorry.




We will all miss you, OB…:sob::tired_face::sweat::disappointed_relieved::cry:


I will still get on like once a week. maybe not even. But yeah I will try my hardest to get on.


Once a week is not long enough, we’re not going to talk to each other as often… Good luck in school and pm me whenever you have the time.


…gurllllll SHISTAR! I am in SHOOK…,…


Of course! It’s just due to the Laptop restirction policy.
No chat clients. Which is like a group chat.
And no Social Networking because it is prohibited.
It sucks.


…I’ll need THE TISHUE!

heh Dolan Twins




but still I’ll miss ya gurll…once a week is probably not enough,…still I’m happy we’ll at least talk once in a while loll. Wish Ya happy school and PM me if you ever need to talk or if you have new chapters




…Looool you sound so annoyed with meh :joy::joy::joy::joy: jk bye!


Aww that sucks…school sucks


Bye Zoey_Boey😕 Talk to me when you can