I have some of the old spotlight character facial expressions (THEY'RE NOT MINE)

Old Spotlight characters - Google Drive < the old ones are in here.

They’re stock characters, but they’re still beautiful.

You can upload them as overlays, etc. if you have the older spotlight stories and you have some the missing facial expressions of the characters here:
This ONE. ^ THIS ONE! ^ ^

Contact me so that I can put them in my drive and share them all, or I can just let you do that, instead. :slight_smile:

Read about the first spotlight feature in this Post to know what it did. You’ll find more info in the comments/replies(support it if you want the old spotlight back with some changes):

I don’t have ALL of them, Only the ones that I was in possession of at the time when the old spotlight was still around:


Here is Charlotte, an old stock spotlight character.

THat’s proof that I didn’t make these. :]

You might wonder: Where’s the diva, and the short-haired black girl?

They removed them… -_-"

Some of them aren’t too great… You’ll see why when you get to the drive… :frowning:


I literally loved this style, even if they are just stock characters. Thank you for sharing this.


This is sooooooooooo good, totally writing a story with these characters.


Btw, if you want to use them, upload them as overlays and remember you will need to spot direct them. :slight_smile: and the speech bubbles.

Here’s a code for characters:


@HIDDENCHAR1 spot 0.0 0 0

@HIDDENCHAR2 spot 1.2 -600 -600

@HIDDENCHAR2 spot 1.2 600 600


@Trying_To_Help You are just amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this. :smiley: At least by this method, the old or original spotlight would be usable in some fashion through overlays and spot directing, for now.

If you like this spotlight format and would like to see it return offically with some chsnges, please don’t forget to support the suggestion as @Trying_To_Help posted in the OP that I made about it so Episode can notice it! It would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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God helped me find the faces and gave me the idea to use them and share them, Thank him instead. Thank God. :}

So remember when removing or changing like their facial expressions you should always move them all screen first because if you just clear the overlay there will be a brief pause between it but in that brief pause the overlay will disappear and for a few shorts milliseconds the overlay will be gone and then the next one you want to show up will show up. You want to move it off screen so that when you get the new overlay on it and your story, you should move it off screen so that you can do a clear transition for the next overlay. I figured this out by using gif and making them a choice and using them as friends and you know making characters as overlays putting them in my story and removing them for the next facial expression

Do this still have this stock style

Sort of sort of but episode removed it so now we don’t have them anymore but back then you could upload newer characters into your thing these newer characters could be named and if you name them first you could then upload after uploading you could then create and after creating you could basically go click on them their name on the side and then you can look in them and they have this thing where you can upload their facial expressions you know that picture with a bunch of that girl but all the pictures were exactly like her they looked exactly like her but their facial expressions were different well they used to have an option where you could upload more facial expressions for that character they took it away because people were uploading inappropriate stuff until small little bubbles

Your facial expressions you upload it would be individually for that character and it would be in their character bio

Ok thanks for the info

EX of moving characters out of the way before removing them:

&overlay FOREST SWEET CRYING SOFT 2 create
&overlay FOREST SWEET CRYING SOFT 2 opacity 1

&overlay FOREST SWEET CRYING SOFT 2 shifts to -372 -57
&overlay FOREST SWEET CRYING SOFT 2 scales to -1.946 1.946

&overlay 6733239679451136_FOREST SWEET NERVOUS shifts to -372 -57
&overlay 6733239679451136_FOREST SWEET NERVOUS scales to -1.946 1.946
&overlay FOREST SWEET CRYING SOFT 2 scales to -1.946 1.946
@overlay FOREST SWEET CRYING SOFT 2 shifts to -200 -57 in 2

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That last reply was for u