I have some questions about the guidelines

Can you have 13 year olds in art scenes? It’s a flashback, and I’m wondering if I can do an art scene, but MC and LI are 13… I read somewhere that you can’t have kids in art scenes or something? I don’t know how accurate this is…

Also, can 16 years olds… do it? Or do they have to be 17… I think I read somewhere that characters have to be 17 to…
But now I can’t find it in the guidelines, so I’m not sure…


so yes there is a posability that there can be a 13 y/o person in art sceans it all depends on the person making the art and i dont think its apropriet to have a 16 y/o do it mabye a 17 y/o but i dont think that that would work

in my opinin

You can do a 13 year old in art scene for a flashback, but your MC needs to be older. And it can’t be an innapropriate flashback or anything


i agree

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It would be the boy looking into her eyes, and them both looking at the stars. But they’re 13, so I just wasn’t sure if I could do an art scene if they’re 13 in this flashback.

I see a lot of episode stories that have mc and li do stuff (the author just says that they did it off screen)… what’s the official rule on the minimum age of characters that can do it? My characters start out as juniors in hs, so I don’t know if I should “fast forward a year” before they do anything.

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I think that’s fine if they’re in full clothing and not making out or anything :joy:
A little romance is fine

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