I have some questions, I'm thinking of being an author

Ok so! I’m thinking about being a writer on here but… I have questions
First how long does it take to get payed from episode?
How much do you get paid
How many reads is needed
Second its allowed for our stories to be on yt as long as its on the app too?
cause I see people talking about if they allow someone else to post their story on yt, and they were talking about it like its allowed and I checked the guidelines saying nothing about it being against the rules, but someone kept telling me it was so I’m confuse
Next do I have an option to lock my story behind the passes wall
And if not do I get the revenue from it right away.

Next is it possible to use marketing techniques such as seo to get your story popular?

And a specific question to other authors
Is it difficult?


Hi! Remember you are always welcomed in this community. I’ll answer some of these questions!

  1. From some of my friends, they said it depends. It could either be once a month or per readers. For example $70 per 100 reads
  2. Depends.
  3. 500,000 general chapter reads.
  4. I think so? If you’re the author it’s fine to post your story but if I were you, also somewhat credit Episode? To post other stories that do not belong to you is different. The author may either allow or not allow it.
    5&6. Don’t know about that one.
  5. Eh usually people promote their stories here or through social media such as Instagram. There are websites tho where you can promote your story (I forgot the name of it.)
  6. Yes, but practice coding and it’s really fun and it gets easier

Thankyou so much for answering my questions! I really appreciate it

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Yes, coding can be very hard…
I recommend you write a bunch of “mini-stories” before writing one to publish; it’s good practice.

Also, I don’t mean to discourage you or anything, but it took me months before I got the hang of it… don’t give up though! You’ll eventually get there (:


In terms of youtube this is what @/Sydney_H said

I hope this helps💕