I have something important to tell you all!

I wanted to share an important message with all of you.
You are loved and I want everyone to know this.
Sometimes you can think that you are alone but it’s not true.
First you have the Episode communauty with his wonderfuls members.We need to suport and respect each others.
This is why I created the hashtag #Episodecommunitylove
Use this hashtag where you are to spread love,support and kindness in the Episode communauty so everyone in the Episode communauty know they are not alone and to show the big support into this communauty.

(Don’t hesitate to search for profesional help to if you need or you want to)

I know probably no one will use this hashtag but it’s okay because I wanted to create this hashtag and I will use it.

This is a long post I agree on this.But I also agree on the facts that sadly a lot of people think they are alone and they are not.

Take care everyone

(Sorry for the grammar faults)

I already have posted this on my IG but I know a lot of person don’t have instagram.
IG @Sky89episode


aww this is so sweet :heart: thank you

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