I have this story idea


I was thinking or writing a story about a stripper and vampire cliche :joy:. She/he is a stripper and a vampire comes to there club and noticed them. They take a special dance and take him/her and then a bunch of stuff on the way. I was thinking would it be cool or too hard to make it where they choose if they are a boy or girl and its the same plot just changed the characters genders and phrases (yes a guy stripper :joy:) i was also thinking of having a glasses option if they choose they wear glasses every outfit choice will have glasses. Does this sound good or not?


Does it sound cool to you? If it does, then go for it!
If you love the idea youโ€™re working with, youโ€™ll have fun doing it : )
And no, make the vampire evil, donโ€™t make them a love interest :vampire:


Lol i love this idea! You should definitely go for it. :heart:


Yes, it sounds interesting :wink: