I have to change clothes to the character each episode

As the title says. The clothing remains from the previous chapter. Or every new episode the clothes return to default?

no it returns to default in the web previewer but on the app it will have the clothes you changed it to so dont worry about it :blush:

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thx. So I don’t have to change?

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it becuase on the web prewiwer it cant see what you did in last chapter. a good tip is to read over your story on the phone before you published. because some of the code might be diffrent there.

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Actually it depends on what command you use for changing clotes.

If you use:

@CHAR changes into CLOTHESNAME

the app will remember it through all episodes till you make another change.

As mentioned above.previewer on web doesnt remember choices so in there you will see the character in defoult clothes but the app does remember so reader will see him in what character was wearing last.


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