I have too many story ideas help

So as I’m writing my story, I’m also thinking of my next story but the only problems are

  1. I have too many ideas
  2. Episode doesn’t have all of the necessary clothing I would need for them (which has helped me narrow down most of my selections.)
  3. I’m indecisive.

Here are the Story Ideas divided up by category…


The Bewtiching - Our male MC catches the attention of three girls rumored to be witches, but when they befriend him he begins to suspect something more sinister is at play. (I was watching movies like The Craft, Jaw Breaker & Heathers when I thought of this idea)

Frostbite - Eira was granted the ability to control and manipulate snow, but she has a hard time containing her powers. So when she starts going to a public high school for the first time ever problems begin to arise and she runs away. While running away she runs into the person that gave her powers. (Loosely based off of Jack Frost X Elsa fan fiction, I was like 15…)


The Diary Of An Introvert - Tori and her twin sister Mia are identical but complete opposites. So when Tori lands the lead for her school musical she’s got more eyes on her than ever. (I was in high school theatre when I came up with this story)

Switched - Mercedes with her stepsister who is the HBIC. One day, Mercedes switches bodies with her step sister’s boyfriend. Now they both have to fake it till they make it.

Fearless - Violet left behind her old life and finally has a chance for a fresh start. In her new life, her fearless demeanor and pink colored hair attract the attention of those around her. However, her past finally manages to catch up with her…(I often liked to fantasize that one day I would start a new life without my mother, and this was just one of those scenarios.)

C R U S H - Sun Ni runs away from her abusive aunt and cousin, and she comes across an anonymous ad for a live in maid. She takes the offer and she ends up becoming a live-in maid for a famous movie actor and she ends up falling in love with him. (I was watching alot of K-Dramas following this trope but I created a bit of a twist at the end.)

Simply Awkward - Pan Da has loved the ideas of K-Dramas but once she finds herself in a position that the female lead in a K-Drama finds herself in things begin to get simply awkward…(I was watching a lot of K-Dramas and there was a boy…go figure. I was also 15 when I wrote it on Wattpad. It’s somewhere on one of my Wattpad accounts and my Quotev account.)


The Heir - (The original title was The Heir Of Miami: A Modern Retelling of Beauty & The Beast) When Ivy re-connects with her father, she ends up being kidnapped and sold as a bride to the son of a mafia leader in Miami. (Loosely based off a song by Lana Del Rey she is such a queen.)

Fair Verona - Verona’s family is wiped out by the Irish mob and she seeks refuge with a Russian mafia leader who owed her late-father a favor. (It’s clear as day that I have been watching too much The Sopranos & Goodfellas. It’s more of a fanfiction honestly.)


The Bloodlines - Mina Shilangev (That is the ugliest last name I know) moves into the small town of Maya where she meets the tall dark and handsome vampire, Adam and his misfit group. (I wanted to do Twilight but like different & better.)

Fantome! - When Cristie gets an acceptance letter for a ballerina program in Paris she travels to the infamous opera house where a legendary phantom is said to have inspired the famous “Phantom Of The Opera” tale. When history begins to repeat itself, maybe it wasn’t a tale after all…(This is a Phantom Of The Opera fanfic. I’ve read the book and seen all kinds of adaptations of the same story so it’s not gonna be like a particular version of a certain adaptation.)


Homecoming - Brielle has always been aware that her father was once a prince , but she never met her dad’s side of the family. But once her grandmother passes she leaves a secret will passing down the crown to Brielle. (cough cough…MEGXIT…cough cough)


Carmen - When Carmen’s mother passes, Carmen’s father reveals himself to her and asks her to move in with him and his family. Upon moving in she uncovers family secrets and falls in love with a familiar stranger.

Summer Lovin’ - Heather’s older sister is a party animal and on one party Heather comes to the rescue, but she runs into Leon who is her sister’s fling. Once Leon starts to pay more attention to Heather, her sister starts to get Jealous…


  • Summer Lovin
  • The Bloodlines
  • Fearless
  • Frostbite
  • Homecoming
  • Fantome!
  • Fair Verona
  • The Heir
  • Carmen
  • Diary of an Introvert
  • Simply Awkward
  • Switched
  • The Bewitching

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Hey there is already a story named forstbite

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Really? Darn. Someone beat me to it, name wise…


And also the heir :sweat_smile:

Well Maybe come up with another name :wink: !! If you want help feel free to ask :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Heir was a shortened version of “The Heir of Miami: A Modern Day Retelling of Beauty & The Beast” so I’m not too mad about that one.



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There’s also switched…!

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I know there’s a story called “Back and Forth” even though I had thought of the same concept before I had ever read Back and Forth. And darn that’s two story names that I came up with that are taken…


I don’t think you can make mafia romance not toxic because you are still romanticising mafia most likely. O.O

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