I have trouble saving my episode. Can someone help?


So I just tried to save my story and as I didn this popped up on my screen.
I am not sure how to fix this. Can anyone help?


It’s probably your internet connection that’s not the best. Just try again until it works!


Ok, thanks!


It says token JSON at position 2 so maybe change the tokens if you entered them in. They should be written after the person who is saying the dialogue


Copy your ENTIRE script and then reload and then after it’s done reloading, replace the ENTIRE script by pasting your script that you copied into portal script thing.


If you do that make sure to copy paste your script somewhere! I’ve had this problem before that made me lose the stuff I copied. So yeah don’t do the same :sweat_smile:


This happened to me before, ugh
When this happens, it means (in my case, but I’m sure for yours and others, too) that Episode has logged you out of your account.
First of all, don’t panic.
Copy your whole entire script.
Exit the page, don’t save, log back in and then paste your script.
After you do this, save ^^
Am sure you already figured it out, but in case, it’s always good to know : )


Thank you all some much!! <3