I have trouble with my speech bubble positions


Every time I have a character standing in the middle of the screen I just can’t find a good position for the bubble to look “realistic”.
I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong… should I make the bubble smaller? But in the Guides it was mentioned that you should rather not change the size (I believe)? Or rather just put her a little bit on one side?
I would be thankful for any help, tips or suggestions!!


You CAN change the size.


You can also bring your bubble a litter lower.


Thank you! I’m sorry if that question sounds stupid, that’s not bad style or anything? :sweat_smile: I just started coding three days ago so I’m still really insecure at times!

And in case you know, in dialogues sometimes one of the tails starts looking different (slightly on the side), does this happen automatically when more than one person is speaking? Or do I have to do anything special about it?


yeah, the tails are like that sometimes but you can still make changes to it. The question is not stupid at all.


Thank you so much!


no problem. let me know if you need any more help. :slight_smile: