I have two ways to take a story! Which one?

Ok so my story is about this girl named Kacy and Kacy leaves a note for her friend Drake with everything about her on it! A mystery man finds it instead and writes her back. Kacy finds out his name is Blake. They continue to communicate like this for a while until…

Ok this is where I need help deciding. Here are the ideas.

1: They eventually organize a meet and then meet each other blah blah blah

2: They accidently meet while one of them is leaving a note and one of them was checking for a note

3: They accidently meet (like in #2) but it turns out that the mystery man is her best friend Drake! He used the name Blake instead because he knew it was Kacy but he knew she wouldn’t have given him a chance to date.

I feel like #3 would be the biggest plot twist but I want to know what you guys think!


  • 1: They plan a meet
  • 2: They accidently meet
  • 3: The man turn out to be Drake

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