I have wrote my whole story on 1 episode :( can I divide it?

I wrote my whole story which is so long on 1 episode. Only realised when i finished as I got carried away. Can I separate it? And also I noticed 2 mistakes but its no longer editable on app. One is a box saying enter dialog which I haven’t wrote. And one is a speech bubble to wrong persons mouth. Please help. Really loved making tha

Hi! I don’t know If I get it right but are you writing on your phone?
If you go to episode page you can change the script however you want to, you can just create another chapter (episode2) and copy half of the script and then have your story in 2 parts. Basically just change it however :blush: I’m not really sure how it works on phone…
Hope this helped at least a little :heart:

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if ur on pc just copy and paste if ur on mobile… yeetious to ur feetous!!

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