I haven’t been able to find an art shop that will ad me, so I was thinking about making my own! NO LONGER LOOKING, THANKS

I’m thinking about starting my own art shop because I can find one that will include me due to fullness or it’s a solo shop. Any artists that would want to join??

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Well I can make outfits. I don’t know if that helps and I only have this platform

I could make an Everything Shop

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Sure that is cool. I’m in


I would love to join

I’ll create a pm chat!

Btw, please mention that I only make LL

I hope that’s not a problem

Okay, put all the deets in the chat and I’ll make banners and then a thread!

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Ok. What would you need me to put. Like outfit ideas and rules

Okay :two_hearts:
Tell me what you need to know

I PM a chat to you and @Aquabelle

Okay I am going to check it out now :blush:

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Are you still looking? If so I would like to join but only to make scripped templates and help make characters and outfits and can also do character info cards


id love to join…
but im peroccpied at the moment :pensive:


Sure! You and @queenscribbles would be my last ones, I’ll add you two to the chat, please send in Examples in the chat so I can add them! Thanks so much!!
I invite you both to the chat!! :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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@Moonrockstar and @queenscribbles here is the link to the page:

Everything Art Shop 💐 (CLOSED DUE TO UPDATING)

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Hey… forgot about this thread…
@Nick or @Sydney_H please close this thread!

Thanks :wink:

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Closed at request of Op :closed_lock_with_key: