I haven't gotten any help from sending in a Help Ticket

This is the most recent email I have sent

All the issues I’m having are tied to my email (my email address). I’ve tried other emails and had no errors. I can’t open a story I was reading “The Sacrifice Series”, whenever I open the app it opens to “Onboarding_may2018_test”, having to exit out of the app entirely to read another chapter because it freezes on ads, and now if I watch ads to decrease the regeneration time for passes to read and the time is less than 30 minutes, it’ll go right back to 4 hours after watching the ad. There have also been times where there was less than 30 minutes left, and I didn’t watch an ad, and when the time runs out to 0 it still loops back to 4 hours. This account is the only one having issues, and I don’t wanna use any of my other emails because I don’t want to have to start the stories I’ve been reading again, and I ha sent read any stories on the others since this is my main email address. I’ve used the email and forums for assistance, and I’ve just been told to do things I’ve already done numerous times before even sending in a help ticket. Reinstalled app, deleted cache, restarted phone, tried another device, there are no updates, I’ve tried different wifis and data, force stopped the app, I have 70GB of available internal storage, device is not rooted, and I can’t even put an SD card into my phone. I’ve been told about 4 times now that changes have been made to my account, but no change has been made.

I’ve gotten the same response 3 times with a list of what to try and fix it, and every time it is sent, I say again that I have already tried them all with no results.

After sending the email, I came across a new issue where I can collect the daily challenge, then the next day when I open it, it’s back at day one.