I heard a whistle, then I heard sirens

This is real, and this actually happened to me. Please do not give me hate for this, as I know what I saw and what I heard.

October 29th 2012, I was home alone. Very cliche but honestly I was. My mother was working at the family restaurant, so was my father. My sister was at her boyfriend’s house, my younger siblings were at some Halloween party in the community center, my brother was out lord knows where. It has taken me years to finally tell everyone what happened.

It was somewhere around 7-8pm, I was asleep in my room, when I heard the front door knock… I was waiting for my cousin to come and babysit (yeah thanks for trusting me mum and dad), and as I didn’t have a phone nor laptop to keep me company. So my lazy ass went to bed.

Obviously I was like, oh my god it’s my dumb ass cousin, I kept the front door unlocked because I thought I would already be asleep by the time she would arrive, so I opened my window and told her the door was unlocked. As I was saying this, I stared down to a man who was bald, and had a huge motherfcking dog by his side. Oh no, what the hell have I done?! I quickly rushed to the top of my stairs, where there was a telephone, I kept in my hands just in case this man did walk in… but he didn’t. Yeah I wasn’t going to check the door… I’m not fcking stupid… that is like a horror movie antic.

So instead, I sat by the stairs, I knew that if he did walk in, he wouldn’t see me, but I’d see him through a glass panel, which was too high for him to even notice it. Still with my telephone in my hand, I dialed the restaurant number, hoping one of the employees or even my parents would pick up. No one picked up, I wasn’t too hasty to call the police, so I tried ringing my cousin to tell her to hurry the h*ll up, I got through to her and explained everything and pleaded her to speed her car. She told me she was and told me to lock myself in the bathroom, I told her I didn’t want to because I wanted to see if this man was going to do anything, she pleaded and pleaded and so I did…

As I locked myself in the bathroom, my cousin explained how she called the police and for me to stay with the door locked. I agreed and the line just went silent… I just thought she was busy driving, but instead the line had been cut off. I was sure of it now, the man must’ve walked into my house. I was terrified, I still had the telephone to my ears hoping to hear something… anything. All I heard was a whistle, those creepy ones that you’d hear in the alleyways which would make you f*cking dash for it. My dumb ass scolded the person, and I literally screamed curses down the line, he just did it louder and louder and louder. How tf did this man manage to get on the other end of the line… but what I realized… was we have two telephones, up and downstairs! He was defo in the house, I knew that he was in the dining room because that is where the telephone (with cords so he couldn’t move) it was, so I decided if I can run downstairs, open the front door and escape.

Finally I plucked the courage to open the door, I still had the phone in my hand and I could still hear him. I quickly ran, like I’m not even kidding i was a bloody marvel superhero, I unlocked the door and just ran.

That’s when I heard the police siren…


Update: There were two officers at the scene, which one comforted me and another proceeded to confront this dumb a*s man, he was in there for half an hour I’d say, probably to inspect everywhere. I still had the telephone in my hand, and I heard the officer hold the other line and speak into it… damn it scared me I’ll admit. But then it hit me, whoever it was… he was long gone…


Oh! What a story!:scream:
How old was you when it happened?
When I’ve read it I was so in the mood, you’ve reach to perfectly describe it, sooo creepy! :dizzy_face::cold_sweat:
I can only imagine how you felt…
And knowing that this man is still here, somewhere… :confounded::confounded::scream::scream:


you should make this a story


Oh god…I’ve always been scared to death of being home alone. Now I’m deathly afraid. I’m just glad you’re okay and weren’t kidnapped or killed.


I was 9… I know sometimes it actually keeps me up at night. Thank god, I moved out of that house, the local newspaper did a paper about it and all my friends were shook.

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Lol but I’d be up all night being scared of previewing my own story.

Same here, like when you think you hear something or see something in the corner of your eyes.

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