I Hope I'm Not The Only One

Haven’t published a story in a while because:

  1. Still haven’t published a story in so long because of revamping and life distracting.

  2. Still helping out others, and discussing on forums which is still good.

  3. Reading small author stories to help them get to a higher read level, and continuing to support them.

I’m still planning, and working on all of my stories. Not rushing, so just learning a bit more stuff to help me out.


Lmao i haven’t published my stories yet bc i’m not finished the first 3 episodes and i keep changing my mind on the plot and trying to make the directing better. I’ve also been busy with school, moving up a class and all, it’s hard to balance both. I can write more during the holidays, when i have more free time.


I spend a lot time with small authors as well. Life gets in the way too since I do work two jobs.


yeah, big time.

yh holidays r good.

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Same, I’m so close to being able to publish. But life is just so busy :unamused:

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I’m still writing my stories

Have no idea when they’ll be out :pensive:

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I have written stories in the past


Was never confident enough to finish


I’m not confident enough to publish anything, I don’t take a story any further than chapter one without starting something new or stopping all together

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Believe me I am already having writers block but im still trying to continue all of my stories. So dont loose confidence. U can do it!

That is so me. I continue to change my plot because I think of something way better to do sksk

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I don’t think you’re the only one!

I haven’t published because I’m a perfectionist and not great at coding yet…

It’s awesome that you’re helping others on the forums, plus, your videos have been super helpful!

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Honestly like? If you’ve written ever 10 lines of code? You’re an author. Art doesn’t have to be published or praised to be art, and you can create for the sake of creating.

Also this community is made up so much of readers/supporters/edit makers, so don’t feel discounted just because you haven’t published anything yet. Just the act of helping others on the forums, talking about ideas, leaving fanmail for authors, and learning how the coding works create value.

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You are definitely not the only one :wink:

I am also still writing a story but I am helping people to read there stories and to give feedback on their stories :hugs: and life is just so busy with school :sweat:
So I don’t really know when my story will come out :sweat_smile:

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you’re not the only one. It tooks me months just to revamp my story just because life got in the way a bit.

And I’m not even close to finishing my story. I have the idea of how the story ends and all but since the story is still at the kinda beginning, it’s gonna take forever. And I wanna publish a new story already, that I’ve worked on a lot :sob::sob:

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I’m really surprised people still watch my videos, I’m planning on doing more but life has got me busy like crazy.

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Same here, but in my free time, I try to tackle at 1 chapter for each stories or for 1 story I want to write.

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Very true.

Yes that’s smart thanks for the advice!:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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No worries! I totally get the life getting in the way thing. I haven’t finished so many things related to my story yet so def can’t judge!

But yeah, I like your videos! Very helpful :slight_smile:

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Ikr, and thanks. :blush: