I just finished my first story

Hi, y’all, I just finished my first story, it’s published on the Episode app, I need a lot more reads, could you check it out if you see this? Please? Thank you. to find it you can search Vampire Celebrity. it is by Bunny_skates I also need artists that are willing to create a cover for free. I hate the cover so much rn. Here is a lil description I’m making up on the spot, ‘Laina is a twin, both her and her twin are A-list celebrities. The world knows ALMOST everything about them, but they hold a deep secret. What happens when they come across a pureblood princess? Will they help or will they forget about her? Will they realize her power? Not only that, but what will happen when they realize Now they’re in more trouble, because this princess has not ONLY hunters after her, but also guards. Will Liana and James abandon her or will they help? (CC, Limelight, 2 LI)’


Hey, you should share the link for people to find your story easily. :blob_hearts:
Also, if you need an edited cover, i can help !! (:


Ok, thank you, I’ll attach the link, Also do you have an IG acc? that way I can dm you because I don’t come on a lot. Here’s the link: Episode Writer Portal


You can just pm me the details on here, and i’ll get back to you asap! :relaxed:

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Ok, can I attach a pic of all 3 characters? And then you can edit it and put the edited version on here.
If you say yes I’ll attach it


Just message me, yes.

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ok, so, erm I took a screen shot and yeah the dude’s eye turned out weird if you can you can you edit their eyes to look more normal? cuz uhhh… you’ll see

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Like, I literally tried so many times but the eye kept turning turning out this way :triumph:

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i would suggest to add your cover if you haven’t (:

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