I just made a background and I want someone's honest opinion

It says it in the title. :blush:


I like it !

Thank you!:blush:

I love it. In the future maybe you can make one for me? Or not. I don’t know if you do those types of things.

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Thank you! And sure I could do that. :grin::blush:

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Love it, but add maybe 2 picture frames on the wall, and a lamp. :heart_eyes:

It’s really nice! I feel like the laptop is a tad too big (unless the CEO just has a huge laptop that takes up the entire width of her desk and some), but other than that, it’s good!

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Ok! Thanks. :relaxed:

Well done! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. :blush::grin:

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I don’t make background, so I don’t really know how good is a background suppose to look. I’ll just point out some stuff I saw.

  • The desk is a bit too big, unless you specifically want it that way. Where’s the chair btw?
  • The desk is facing the wring way because it’s inside(where you normally sit) is facing us, unless you’re gonna add a chair to overlay in front of the desk, but then the laptop and the CEO slate is facing the wrong way.
  • I really like the background/wall! It matches the sofa and gives a relax vibe to the office.

Overall it’s good, I can’t even create a normal looking background. If you want to be more advanced, try adding shadows!


I think that the laptop lettering for Episode looks a bit off, And I think that the way the laptop is also slanted is also a little wonly. I think that you should put a chair. But other than that, it looks fantastic

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Thanks for the feedback. :blush:

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Anytime :kissing_heart:

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I think that’s a good background! Although, if you were looking for feedback, I would say that it looks a little strange with the table being so far away from the sofa (assuming that’s the place of seating, and if not, perhaps you would add a chair) and although the computer’s angle looks a bit strange, that isn’t much to discuss as it is in the correct perspective, just that it isn’t completely closed makes it look a little strange. Apart from that, if the words on the computer are the more obvious problem as they aren’t in the correct perspective.
Therefore, the words should kind of follow the two red lines (not the word WORD itself) and gradually get bigger as it becomes nearer)

The CEO plaque is great, it just seems a bit strange to tilt it sideways realistically- and it seems to be in the correct perspective, except on the bottom, which is a little bit tilted.

I’m sorry if you thought it was a bit too judgemental, I really apologize; but it is a good background.