I just read the content guidelines

I’m panicking!!! I wanted to put in a slight mystery in my story, where someone is murdered…
On the content guidelines, it says - content would be objectionable if it promotes or depicts excessive violence or assault, including but not limited to sexual assault, murder, and torture against humans or animals; Does that mean I can’t put murder or any kinds of death in my story??

Also, what does No scenery to censor mean?


^^^^ excessive means a large amount. So my guess would be to include anything less than excessive. @Tyler might have a better idea though.


No, you can. You just can’t describe it in gruesome detail or show too much. As a general rule, you can’t show the body, the weapon AND blood all in the same scene but 2/3 are generally okay (but it obviously really depends). In my new story someone gets killed in the first scene and my story got reviewed. I had to remove the blood on the girl’s clothing, but the scene was fine otherwise.


Oh!! That helps a lot. Thank you so much! :laughing:

You can have murders take place in your story, no problem. I wouldn’t mind taking a quick glance at your scene to see it in context. But for future endeavors, it’s always good to read the Content Guidelines first :wink: