I just started writing and I'd like to get some tips

Also, how long should a chapter be? I wrote about 650 lines and it took about 9 minuets. Is it too short?

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Well if your story has customisation, it would take up about 3000 lines of your script.

If there isn’t, and your story is 650 lines, I think it is pretty short. But you can do whatever you like with your story, and I’m not forcing you to write more, if you feel comfortable about how long your chapter is, then go for it.

But you also need to think about what the readers want. If you’re going to have 650 lines per chapter, I think it would be decent. But again, think about what the readers would prefer.

An average chapter is about 3000-5000 lines, if there is customisation.

If there isn’t, it would probably be 2000-4000 lines.

So yeah, do what you feel comfortable with. :blush:


it recomanded to be no less then 800 without CC …and minimum of 10 minutes of play time.

The amount of lines itself is not 100% the measure…with simpple directing without overays atc you might have much less lines for th same play time so what counts most is the play time…episodes are usually somewhere between 10-20 minutes …

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2000-4000 lines means aproximatelly 20-40 minutes of play time for chpter which is bit too long for episode…and is not a tipical lenght.

Whatever feels right.
End the episode where it will keep the reader interested.

Hmm, I’d say don’t focus on line number. Just test your story out by reading it and timing it.

Personally I prefer short episodes :heart:

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I am personally not really caring how long it is as long as it is over 500 lines(without CC) then where ever you feel the episode should end. End it there.:blush:

@alien check out this thread for more options :grin:

POLL: How long episodes / chapters should be?

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