I just want to thank everyone

I just want to say thank you to everyone on this forum, from the people that have helped me with my covers, splashes, art scenes to the people that are like me and needed the help. I don’t think ive ever met a community so nice, supportive, and helpful than this one. I would have been so stuck without the help of all of you! thank you!


Yeah, everyone is so nice and helpful. I completely agree.

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I completely agree with you! The Episode community has got to be one of the warmest, most supportive (and most fun!) communities out there.

Here’s to everyone who’s been a part of it! :revolving_hearts:


If anyone wants to help me really quick, I’d appreciate it. I’m just a confused boi. I just don’t understand why it keeps saying that message. I’ve tried to fix. Can someone give me an example or something. Thanks :blush:

The problem is that you’ve added a label next to a choice. If you’re using it as a gain, try writing it like this:


“Slap her”{

         I'm sick of you and your crap!


(And then add some more lines of dialogue because you can’t end on a label.)

Hope this helps!

So, I did that. I thought I was doing it right, but I obviously did that wrong. But the message is still there. Sorry if I’m dumb or annoying. This is my first time using this…

Ahahaha, it’s alright; don’t worry about it. I’ll be happy to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not sure if this will solve the problem, but try writing it like this:


“Slap her”{


          I'm sick of you and your crap.

Make sure to put the gain right at the beginning of the line, and indent the YOU once more. It should look just the way I’ve written it above. ^^

Also, if this doesn’t work, feel free to PM me and we can solve it there. I don’t want to go off-topic on @Adrnnna’s thread. :sweat_smile:

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