I keep getting an error message when I try to make a choice for my story

I am trying to make a choice in my story, and despite watching several youtube videos and doing everything they said to do, I keep getting this error message for my second option says there’s an expected character or scene change despite there literally being none, and it also asks me if i forgot to capitalize the name or close the ( ) around the animation despite me doing so. Oddly enough this didn’t occur for my first choice.
I have no idea what could be causing this.

Can you send that part of the script?

The error messages can sometimes be irrelevant to what the message says. Can you paste the script or screen shot so we can help and hopefully find the error?

Here is my actual script

In line 27, you opened a parenthesis, and you didn’t close it nor write an animation. Try changing that and see if it gets fixed. Sometimes the error message appears in a line after the actual error.


yup! It just worked!

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