I keep having this error can somebody help me? It's annoying 😑

@Dara.Amarie @Purple_Ghost
I need help with this please.


Try putting “and” in all caps. I apologize if it still doesn’t work

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did you save and try to reload/refresh the page

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That wasn’t it.

Yes it’s been approved for a while.

Maybe it’s a different line, did you mean to put “bar?” :slightly_smiling_face:

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I fixed that a couple minutes ago it still says the same thing.

I don’t think

    @FEMALE MC stands bar screen left and FEMALE MC faces left

is a write command, did you try this?

     @FEMALE MC stands screen left and FEMALE MC faces left

it looks like when you typed it out there a space after EXT. but when you wrote the background name there No space so in the script before the W in white hit the delete/backspace button


I was just about to say I did that, I’m so stupid. :joy::joy:

wait is that the solution or is it not? I’m confizzled :joy:

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Yeah it was. :upside_down_face::joy:

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Oh okay! I’m happy I helped, or atleast I think I did :joy::heartpulse:

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