I keep procrastinating.. help 😫


Hey guys, I have not been on here for a few days, but you guys didn’t notice anyways…

So i’m writing my second story, and I keep stalling. I need to finish at least this first episode this month, i started this story last month and here I am stuck. Okay tell me what you guys do to focus!

love u guys



I put on music that distracts me from everything


what you’re going through is called “Writers Block” and is really common, we’ve all been through it. what you can do is to take a break, forcing you to write something you’re really not feeling like to, makes things worse, find something that inspires you. for example, reading stories on episode often gives me inspiration to write. maybe you can find yours in other things, like music, some netflix, etc. also, giving yourself deadlines can be stressing, if the story is not published, slow down, you still got 21 days left to finish the episode. (without counting holidays) you got this! :wink:


I myself am doing the same, though I’m gonna try not putting pressure on myself to get it done by a certain time to update, I’m just gonna let it flow, I’ve felt a change in me when I decided to just take it as it comes with no pressure, listening to music and reading other stories can help too, I keep getting new ideas by reading.


I am actually writing a story and I found putting on music and watching netflix works, watching videos on youtube is a big NO with extra gravy it wastes time I remember almost finishing a story episode and I went on youtube and… it was 1:00PM for me when I finished the video it was 2:50PM…




I’m interested in my story and I was just on a big break but yes. I’m trying to finish lol