I killed all my sims in the Sims 4


I killed them all and then i cried


Girl I love killing sims!!! Imma make myself for a black widow challenge and I’m about to get so much money.


Lol but why’d you cry afterwards? I only kill them once I get bored with them


Im sooo happy I found more ppl that play the sims that’s really rare for me lol


:joy: really??? Bro the sims is so fun I mainly like making drama like I had seven baby daddies my son went on a date with one and ran into five of them…all in the same place!


YAAAAS!! Lol too bad it didn’t just happen by itself do you use any mods? My sim actually just reunited with his younger sister she had got taken away when she was a toddler and now shes young adult. Its funny because I found her in world management all alone lol.


:joy: nahhhh I don’t my mom said she doesn’t want me getting anything. But I’m weak I’ve had so many kids takin’ away though I always just shrug.


Sims 4


Is it on mobile?


Lol poor children……. are you shallow like me? Because when I have ugly kids I don’t play them :joy:


They have one on mobile but idk if its the same as console and pc. Its pretty fun though you should try it out and see if you like it


Man when I have sons I barley play them until once my game said to feed Tyrone jr. And i was like dang


:joy: :joy: welp I can guess what happened to him


the freeplay is the best one but if you have enough space on ur phone/mobile device


Heck yeah…the weird green light took him :joy:


I can always make space for the sims lol


I love LOVE the Sims!

Another thing in common with @Chocolate_Mama


But killing them…it matters which sim. I have my first sim who is now a vampire and maxed out all the jobs, rich, and maxed everything pretty much even the traits.

Though any other I love to when I get bored with them.


I can never stick with the same sim long I like your dedication lol


Haha yeah. She has 8 kids, 15 grandkids.

Yep what a handful :joy: