I kinda really need a wrting partner

Okay I’m going to be very HONEST. I SUCK at coding. I have stories that I really want to write but the spot directing and everything just makes me want to chuck my laptop across my room. Is ANYONE interested on working on a story with me which will be a romantic comedy. You’d get credit (100%) and will be able to have a say in ALMOST everything as well as your character will be in the story (DUH). I do have somethings SET IN STONE (meaning it won’t change) Message me if your interested.


Hey I’d love to work with you!
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UGH Same!! I suck at coding! I have so many story ideas but i’m horrible at coding!

YAY, thank you so much!!

I would love to help you out/ be your writing partner! I would say I am good at it but not like pro. I have been doing this for 1 year and I have 2 stories published! If you are still looking for a writing partner, I would love to be your writing partner! :relaxed:

YAY, thank you so much. will get back with you on this probably tomorrow with more information if i end up choosing you. Or even more.

I will get back with you with more information if I choose you as my partner. Or even more.

I can code really well! I could help.