I know it is here but i don't find it

There is somebody who has made a page with all sorts off beds and the possitions to go to sleep in it but i can’t find it anywere can someone help me.


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Try this!
I just copied this from a forum

that’s it but i think there are two but i am not sure but thanks for this xxx

So, is this the second one? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DEBKhIuCQjBi_NG2WOM6LB8-W1ROGta3i90zxshgRM8/pub

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I needed this one but it gives an error what is wrong with the command?


@CHARACTER spot 0.685 369 399 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces right AND CHARACTER is lay_asleep_loop

@CHARACTER spot 0.685 369 399 in zone 2 AND CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is sleep_uncomfortable

When i tried it, it didn’t give me any problems. Try making sure the animations are for that character are correct

i did that and i did not touch the rest. Episode says in yellow that it is not a valid command.

On line 1056 there should be:
AND ANNEKE faces right (or whatever you want). But instead you typed ANNEKE.PJ ( its pink) and this is an outfit, not a person.

Yes i did change that and know it works thanks guys you are the best @Jeremy this can be closed. :grinning:

Moved to Directing Helps and Tips. :wink:

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you could have closed it in the last replay I said that :grinning:

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Topic closed by OP request. My bad, didn’t see the closing part. :wink:

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