I know why some nerds get picked on

It’s because of the average As and A+s they get,

It’s because they’re jealous of you nerds, you guys study hard while they don’t and expect to get good grades, they think it’s because they’re dumb when they are smart in book smarts, they just lack common sense. Some genuinely are not able to understand the math or are dyslexic, doesn’t mean they’re dumb,
but they are mad at you for trying hard.

They don’t get A+s and As, they want them but don’t get them, mostly because they are dyslexic or if not, they can’t get it, or if not, they don’t study.

When i see people here, I always hear them be like:
I wanna update but exams and stuff are coming up.

If being smarts and/or getting straight As was a bad thing, then why are they trying so hard to get them?

It’s like being pretty, something most people know they are getting hated on for because those others are jealous,
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but because some people don’t see it that way or think you’re prettier than them, they hate you for it!

So, don’t let them get you down, tell them they can be smart, too and help them with their homework, if they refuse, then let it go, and be kind to them, people who were mean to my mom have turned their attitude around when she was nice to them.
A good word turneth away wrath.
Or anger.

Be careful as some bullies aren’t just wrathful and are just simply evil people.

I asked my black mom how she felt about people who picked on people because they are better at schoolwork than them, she said “That’s just trifilin, all people do is study and if you study you’ll be as smart as them.” Or something like that, those were the words that I could remember, she said that seconds ago.


We live in a confusing place. :upside_down_face:


omg preach :clap::joy:

Every time me or other people get good grades or do really well on something, people in my school say they’re a “try-hard” like um yeah I do try hard, but do you?? :joy:

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I don’t relate much because my school is pretty competitive about grades, but thank you for this beautiful message.
Whether you get good grades or not, if you’re pretty or not doesn’t define you as a person…

Probably not :joy:

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