I like episode stories wit looping music 🙂

When You read an episode story u always want a good story line and relatable characters and blah blah blah BUT I like stories with SOUND AND LOOPING MUSIC is it just me!? Like I love to get in my feels when we have music to go with the story!! When it’s a sad scence I need to feel those water works with sad music!! And I’m having trouble finding some! Please please please if any one can tell me what good stories u have read with looping music and sound LET ME KNOW!!!


Bump…? :pleading_face::pleading_face::sob::sob::sob:

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So the thing is I always read Episode stories with the sound off cause I just prefer it that way I guess. I actually don’t know why. So I’m not sure :sweat_smile:


When I read stories I usually listen to my own music. It depends on what i care to hear lol.
So… I really couldn’t tell you. :joy: :nerd_face:


My story, All That Remains, has looping music!

Also, Stripped, I Married a Millionaire, The Dragon Bride, Dare to Dream, and Attracted to the Nerd come to mind!


I feel the same way too btw. I love getting different feelings from stories based on the music :yay:

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I’ve forgotten a lot- so forgive me if some of these don’t have looping music, lol.
Striking Blue, The Marriage Counselor, Lillian, Friends without benefits, Lovebird, The fundamentals of heartache, Bittersweet wounds, Us at midnight, Ticket to heaven, Clothes off, War dogs, Penny for your thoughts, Crime on heels, and The spicy payback.

Yeah. There’s a lot! I’m not sure if some of these have sound, but they’re all reallly good


Hi @Akira_new-writer737.
Thanks for the tag.
I usually don’t listen with the sound on but I have one.
Sentimental Heartache :wink:


I honestly don’t remember any stories I don’t always turn the volume up just reading the sad scene makes me cry :joy:

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But I do have one falling for the twins

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Thank you everyone for the replies and stories!! Looks I’ll be busy!! :joy::joy:

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Well personally I don’t listen to the sound when reading episode (ik I probably should) but I think you should definitely go for it! Play whatever your heart desires

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haha, I’m so late on this, but thank you for the tag! I also can’t recommend any stories because I like listening to my own music when reading an episode. But I’m working on a story that will more than likely have looping music.

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I used to listen to episode music while reading stories but nowadays I just listen to my own playlists so I didn’t really think about this, but now I sort of agree because changing music every scene is annoying especially if it’s cut to instead of fading out/fading in the music.


I LOVE Episode’s musics too! How did they manage to create musics that so catchy to my ears. I love most of the songs.

Does anyone have any idea where can I download all these musics?
I just wanna keep listening to them in loops. It’s so soothing.

Also, some writers used certain songs often in their story that somehow it becomes their signature or it reminds me of their story whenever I heard this song elsewhere.

For example, like you suggestes, I Married a Millionaire - that slow music that whenever Cara ponders about Darius has actually become the story’s signature to me. I keep having nostalgic about this story everytime I heard it. Also, the opening introduction of The Otherworld story, it is just so beautiful. The writer usually has it play along softly throughout the episode and I just love it so much <3


I don’t listen to episode music like that because I have my ringer off 90% of the time but I do like some of their music. Sometimes the looping music gets on my nerves though, Idk why.

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And you can find the music on youtube if you search up episode music, there’s usally a playlist at the top.

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Found it!! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for recommending my story! :heart:

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