I like making profile pics but they suck lol

So I like making profile pics for some reason I guess they’re just fun but they kinda suck :joy: here they are
First one ever they are gonna go in order lol


These two aren’t pfp’s but digitaly drawn

The last one is quite scary :joy:
Let me know what you think…
(Im still working on facial features don’t judge :joy:)


They don’t suck.
I think.they are amazing,but If you wank your work to look good you can’t leave it with those backgrounds.You eed to find powerful,beautiful beckground for each one of your art works.

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I think if you were to shade them they’d look slightly sharper and less dull. I’d recommend watching Nighty’s video (on YouTube) which explains how to draw, colour and shade characters! She shades like magic. :heart_eyes:

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGa7pmvtyaE

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Here’s my first try haha


HOLY! Thattt is amazing!!
Do you make covers for stories?

Haha no, I’m still trying to get the hang of this! :sweat_smile:

Ok plz teach me how you do your edits plz

I honestly have to thank Nighty for this. Watching her video on YouTube helped A LOT. Search for Nighty Edits and watch the video about comic style editing :heart:

Oh I know nighty

Her edits are amazing, aren’t they :heart_eyes:

Yeah really amazing I wish I could do it just like that with my own kind of twist

If you start drawing bit by bit you’ll slowly start adapting your own twist! Just give it a try and see where it takes you :wink:

Thanks and yeah I will I really LOVE her edits and yous too

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Thanks Love :heart:

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I am going to try and do that edit myself

Oooh this is exciting! Remember, don’t give up no matter how many times you mess up, because believe me, I’ve probably messed up way more than you can ever think of haha :sweat_smile:

Yeah its probably my first time doing hair editing and all so I hope it goes well

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Me too :blush: Send me the end results and good luck :heart:

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Oh yeah I will thanks for the support

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