I literally do it all

As the name implies, I do it all. As a writer and artist, I can help with coding and anything to do with design. I edit images, create outlines. draw and edit covers, Just leave a request below. Details are necessary and ss if you wand your character in the design. If you need help with coding I need a copy of the coding so I can see what the problem is.

Magic-effects_hintofyellow-removebg-preview (3)


Wow. What you’ve made is so cool! What’s Birth of the Moon? Is it a story?

I am working on it

Can you design me a pirate ship background?? With a crows nest overlay??

day or night


I’m having trouble coding overlays can you help?

You mean with the size or placement

Placement I’m having a hard time , I code it & don’t see it on the screen.

Send me a copy of the code

so i saw you can help make me a background like this that is bigger :wink:

can u? thank youuuuu

how big do want it?

just big enough to fit their guidlines

give me a sec

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this should big enough for 3 pans


Thank you so much!!

have you checked that the images you are using copyright free?

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yeah there from pixabay


cheers <3

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Hey! I wonder if you do water overlays?