I’ll do your cover art! [Closed]


I am willing to create cover art for anybody that pleases :slightly_smiling_face: because just tell me what you are looking for on it, description of the character you want on the cover and what kind of story you are writing. It may take me a day or two.

^This is an example of cover art I have done for myself.
Here is another example:

If you need more examples please feel free to pm🙂

Current Waiting List:


Ommmggggg, your edit is amazing. I am looking for a cover for my new story that is called Boundaries…
The girl ( Viola) looks are
Hair- straight (black)
Face- Oval
Eyebrows- Seductive Round
Eyes- Upturned Feline (green)
Mouth- Full round (Scarlet)
Skin tone- Tan
Nose- Upturned


The boy (Lax) looks are
Hair- Short cropped hair (grey)
Face- Defined triangle
Eyebrows- Thin Arch
Nose- button
Eyes- Round piercing (white)
Mouth- uneven (toffee)
Skin tone- Honey
ps: he has a tattoo


I want they to be like mad at each other when looking at each other, the title of the story in the middle and your name somewhere on the cover because its your edit. and can you put story by Zahara on the bottom on the cover. If you need to outfit names please tell me because Viola only wears black


Okay no problem! Can I just ask a few questions. What genre is this story? What kind of background do you want? And who are the characters to eachother?


The genre is Romance. I’m not sure on the background but I would love it to be edgy and dark. The characters are love interests


Alright, sounds good.


Thank you so much. I appreciate this so much!! Please remember Viola wears all black, I can give you the outfit details if you’d like


Sure, send me the deets. Also, can you give me an outfit for the male character as well?


Yeah sure I’ll do that now


The boy (lax) outfit
-Henley Shirt (navy)

  • Ripped Punk Pants
    -Hipster Glasses (black)
  • Lady Rose Tattoo (cade)
  • Blue High top dance shoes

The girl (Viola) outfit

  • Black Biker Jacket
  • Music Video Sparkle Black Tights
  • Black cupcake Gal Tank
    -Black Chelsea boots and socks


I don’t want the full boy to be showed only half of it pls


PM me


How do I do that, I’m new to this lol


Click my user and press message




this is amazing!!! can you make a cover art for my story?


Do you draw Limelight characters as well?


PM me


I’ve never actually tried LL so idk if it would be any good :frowning: