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Hi Guys!

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I personally love fairytales and this fairytale contest sounds amazing! I can’t wait to read your guys stories and I’d love to promote them as well.

My insta is Makayla.reed.episode and I get 400+ views on my story in the 24 hrs it’s posted so I’d love to help you and your story out!

I do know that the contest is far from ending so even if you aren’t done with it as of now (December 10th) you can send in the info at anytime!

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If your story is private or you don’t want anyone to β€œsteal” your idea you can dm me the info on insta or pm the info to me

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Feel free to submit your story at anytime through December 10th to February 1st 2021


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Good luck with the contest, I can’t wait to see your guys adaptations!

If you have a story and haven’t sent it to the entry forum here’s the link to do so!

Fairy tales contest entries! [CLOSED]

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Thank you so much for this! :yellow_heart:
Story Title: FT: Seven Wishes
Story Genre: Fantasy
Story Cover (and cover artist): Not done yet, but soon by myself :grin:
Story Description: An archaeologist discovers an ancient artefact which could not only advance her career, but also offers her 7 wishes to enhance her love life. Ready for a tale worth 1000 and 1 nights?
What it includes (CC, 2 Love interest, LGBTQ+, etc.): CC, Advanced Directing, Choices Matter, Point Systems, Mini Games, F/M MC, F/M LI to choose from :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! I’ll post this on Saturday! If you want to done earlier I can post it tomorrow night.
(My story is kinda crowded and long atm :sweat_smile:)

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Thank you for tagging me, I’ll just follow you on insta!
Story Title: **FT: The Devil’s Triangle **
Story Genre: Thriller
Story Cover (and cover artist): Cover is in the making by @meowspacecat on Instagram!
Story Description: * Rumpelstilskin, Dame Gothel and Twardowski walk into the bar. What sounds like a beginning of a great joke, is truly a start of a deadly game. Can you win? *
What it includes: Full CC, Female MC, Gender choice of LI, choices that matter, music and sound, mini games, advanced directing.

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Ahaha no worries! You’re so kind, thank you!! Saturday is perfect as I think I should have the cover done by then! :yellow_heart:

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Got it! Did you want me to wait for your cover before posting it?

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If you don’t mind, I’d love you to post closer to the deadline, but I don’t mind either way!
I have an announcement post or a sneak peak posts that I’m happy for you to share!

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Definitely! I plan on doing a β€œmass” promoting day January 5th (6 days away from the deadline) you can just pm or dm me when the cover is done and if you have a certain day you want me to post it you can tell me that to!

^^ You can do the same for whenever you get your cover as well @thategyptianwriter


FT: Diverge

Adventure and a little bit of romance

Made by me

With a secret on her shoulders, Sheba set sights on Ace; who isn’t known for making the β€œright” choices in life. Can these two diverge Ace’s life from the path he’s set himself?

Not out yet


1 love interest, no cc, choices matter, and mini games.

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Thank you for tagging me :heart_eyes:
Story Title: FT: The Wolf’s Path
Story Genre: Fantasy/ Romance/ Drama
Story Cover (and cover Artist):

by @yasmine.epi (IG)
Story Description:
After a tragedy Mallory runs into the woods to hide without knowing what dangers there are.
What will happen when the Big Bad Wolf saves her?
Will she follow the path of the Wolf or will she go find her Grandmother?
:exclamation:Based on β€œThe Little Red Hiding Hood” by Charles Perrault :exclamation:

Link to your story: Release Date: 13/01/2021
Do you have an insta or not? (If you do comment it, if not leave blank): My IG @hope_stories
What it includes (CC, 2 Love interest, LGBTQ+, etc.): Full CC, LL, Choices Matter, 1LI, Art-Scenes


Omg I’m in love with this cover!
Did you want me to promote it this Saturday or promote it when it’s released?

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Thank you so much :heart_eyes: I’m in love with the Cover as well… :fire:
I would appreciate it if you share it after I release the story :point_right:t2::point_left:t2:
I’m more than grateful to you by doing this so the final choice is yours :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh no it’s completely up to you! Please dm or pm me when you when it’s being released! :heart::sparkles:

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Will definitely do it :kiss: Stay health & safe :heart_eyes: Hope :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for the tag! I’ll post my story details once I get further along with it and know for certain I will be able to publish. Bookmarking this in the meantime! :blob_sun:

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Could you also perhaps link my contest entry list in your post? If not, I understand, I just want to get as many stories on it as possible! :blob_hearts:

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Story: FT: Sovereign
Genre: Fantasy
Story Cover: Yet to release
Story Description: Yet to release *CC/1LI/Choices Matter/POINT SYSTEM/ ADVANCED DIRECTING
Insta: @metanoia.halycon

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Hey, I decided to drop out of the contest because I won’t have the time to write it unfortunately :confused:

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:wolf: Ft: Lily
:wolf: Thriller/Fantasy/Romance
:wolf: story cover

\ The cover is edited by me
:wolf: Story description:
A young and adventurous girl has decided to go a trip to Europe. But little did she know that one wolf in sheep’s clothing will completely ruin her identity
Will she be able to save herself from the real wolf?
Will she be able to choose the right person to help her?
Will she able to still remain the healthy relationship with her family?

:wolf: Release date:13?01?2021
:wolf: @bellewritez
:wolf:**It includes limited customization, 2 LI, Choices Matter, **

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