I’ll proof read

I would love to help anyone who need it
I’ll happily proof read anyone’s story and give feed back
Just send me the link and I’ll get back to you


  1. Lea-write
  2. MyEpisodee
  3. Episode_Katherinee
  4. Emma_Episode_03

I’d love it if you would proof read my story!


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I’ve only read the first chapter
But loving it so far
I will read the other two tomorrow as I can’t rn

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I’d love it if you can proofread mine:

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5579021199540224

Hi lovely
Thank you for the thread

My name is lea , i have been writing my story this last fews month.
But English is not my first language, and I need help with the grammar and I was wondering if you would be available to help me.

Iet me know if you can
Thank you

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Yeah I would love to
I have two story’s to read before hand but I should get to yourself by tomorrow
I’ll tell you once I have read it x

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Yeah I would love to read it

Oh thank you so much lovely
I’m more on Instagram than here
This is my Instagram lea.episode.1

Thank you :relaxed:

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So just finished all 3 eps
I’m really enjoy it and can’t wait for more
It’s so original and you have obviously put in a lot of work x

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Thank you!!!
Glad u liked it!

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Just finished
Loving it
I love your twist on the normal
The vampire is the boy that is in every other vampire story
You have added mystery already in only 3 chapters
Can’t wait for more xx

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Can you send me the link for your story xx

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Hello @cat333! I would love to get you proofread my story as well!

I hope to hear from you very soon!

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Yes sure :blush:
Thank you

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5057764931076096

Here is my story, I know there are some mistakes and I’d like to update the first three. So if you find mistakes, let me know! Here are my details:

Reveal: He - soon She
Author: @emma.writes.episode
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 7
Description: When your boyfriend delivers you shocking news, you question everything you once knew. With your career in jeopardy, you realize that the true bombshell hadn’t been revealed.

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Ok I’ll add u to the list xx

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