🌺 I’ll Proofread Your Unpublished Stories! 🧐

Hey everyone!

Apparently there is a problem and I can’t open any links of any story, so for now unfortunately I can’t review any of your stories, I’m sorry!
If I’ll be able to fix I’ll just remove this! Thank you for understanding :slightly_smiling_face:

So two years ago I opened a thread where you all could send me your unpublished stories and get my review on them. Well I missed it because it really was so nice and I thought about doing it again!

Let’s do it the old fashioned way :relieved:

Welcome to Vicky’s Proofreading Unpublished Stories Thread! :hibiscus:

Although I’m not a pro, in this shop you can send me your unpublished stories and I can review them, helping you with directing/typing mistakes and more!


Don’t be shy!
Send me the story of your choice and don’t be afraid! That can be 2 stories as well. I’m not here to judge or laugh at anyone.

I’m gonna be 100% honest about my opinion, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be rude, I’m just gonna say the truth. If I find the story boring or weird I’ll say it like that, or if it’s enjoyfull and nice I’ll also say it like that. I will PM you with my opinion.

  1. Don’t be mean! Don’t swear, don’t be rude, just use your manners. If you’re mean, I will deny your request ASAP!

  1. Don’t rush me! I’ve got a life as well and school is also a part of my life so those things are more important. I’m gonna read your story as quick as you send it to me, because I don’t want you to wait at all. But if I’m late, that means I’m busy.

  1. Don’t betray me! If I read your story then that means you’ll publish it! I’m not wasting my time for nothing. It’s not a waste of time, I want to help but you know what I’m saying.

  1. Use this password so I know you’ve read this and blur it! Don’t you love the ocean?

  1. Credit me with my Forums name @Hairycane !

Please note that this thread ISN’T to promote your already published story, ISN’T a Read for Read.

The reason why I’ll only read unpublished stories is because I want your story to be good from the beggining. :slightly_smiling_face: We will work on it together 'till it’s great.

I don’t mind what genre you story is! :relaxed:



I’m available at the moment! :blob_sun: :blob_hearts:

So that’s pretty much it! Happy requesting!

For any questions feel free to PM me or ask me here! :relaxed:


This is so kind of you! <3

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