I lost a story can someone please help me!

do you know why it was?

Nope :frowning_face:

Probably for going too far with their content. :woman_shrugging: It probably had content not suitable for PG13 or something. That is how Melia’s story got taken down.


Oh!! If it crossed PG13 then I have nothing to say to Episode lol. Thanks for the info though!

Hello, what happened to Meila’s story?

This will probably get me flagged since we are getting off topic but it has to do with her most recent story breaking boundaries.

Also not everything in the post above is factual since they say she didn’t romanticise it but she put it the romance genre and it had a LI who I believe was involved in that stuff. It was taken down because it was the whole story had something wrong with it and she couldn’t just edit a few scenes.

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In response to the post above :upside_down_face:

I meant that she didn’t romanticise the most problematic character and she even said herself that she wanted to make something different in the sense that it shows the ugly side of the “mafia”. I am very conscious of the fact it’s in the romance genre.

I’m not defending the story at all, I just didn’t want to upset the MANY Melia fans that would be coming for my throat by being brutally honest about my thoughts.

I’m not about to be cancelled out of Episode :joy: coz unfortunately she does have a very loyal fan base who will stand by anything she writes whether it’s right or wrong :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I understand but I just wanted to clarify since it was put into the romance genre which was a bad move in my opinion.


I don’t remember if that’s what it’s called but it sounds familiar so maybe. That sucks that they took it down.

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No it wasn’t PG-13. It was actually a really good story as well. I just don’t know what happened. Also Melia didn’t write it. A new author wrote it she said it was like her second story.

I know but Melia’s story got taken down for probably the same reason.

Oh ok well I just found out that it is Devil in disguise. The author’s parents made her delete the story.

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So hey guys the story is called Devil in Disguise. The author said her parents made her delete her episode account. She might remake the story on a different account.

What? Like for real?! :flushed:

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I’ve been looking for this story for an entire week. I’m so sad it got taken down, I hope the author rewrites it. I’ve been so sad that I couldn’t find it. Thanks for your clear up everyone.


Yes I’m so sad:(

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That’s not true she’s making it up her parents don’t know anything about her writing on episode

Episode deleted the story because it had slut shaming, sx scenes, it also had a lot of disrespectful things and it also mentioned rpe and much more things and the author is also banned from episode as she cheated them around $3000
She lied about her age and enrolled in the payments program.


Dang I really enjoyed that story but thank you for telling her because I was looking for the same story

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