I lost a story it was really good and now I can't find it?

Hi, I was reading a story like a couple days ago and I forgot to bookmark it and now it’s gone. I can’t find it. I think it had gem choices and custom episode-like cover art of an Asian guy and a brown haired girl in a kitchen.
The story was about this girl who’s dad was going on a month long business trip so his friend was going to essentially babysit her, she’s 18, he’s 26 cliche love story here. Other details to find the story, dad is gay and came out 2 years ago, mom went crazy and left only to come back now, still crazy, there’s a crazy ex boyfriend named Russ… I can’t think of anything else
If y’all could help me find this story is really appreciate it. It was good and I can’t believe I forgot to bookmark it :frowning:

Off Limits.
Sounds like that.

Oh my gosh you’re right thanks… by Sandra G but for some reason the featured version isn’t up anymore? Well the original is still there and I appreciate very much your help!! <3

No problem!

Hey, I was wondering if I could ask about a forgotten story? I could use some help. Please don’t flag this post, I don’t mean any trouble. It’s happened to me before and I don’t know why.
Basically, right off the bat, I could tell this story had amazing directing. It starts off with this girl. She originally has brown skin and blue, short hair. And… she’s shooting droids. Her “team mate” is giving her hints on how to defeat them, and when you finish shooting you get out of this world. Basically, this gave me the idea that this was a game. A virtual reality universe. This figures this is a distopian story…? Later, she gets out of the game and goes to meet two of her friends. A boy and a girl.
That’s all I got to. When I read it it only had three chapters and was Limelight, definitely with the newest features. Could anyone help? Thx, I would greatly appreciate it.
*P.S. I’m pretty sure the game was called Overwatch, but when I searched that I didn’t find it.

Sounds like
Adventurous: Game Masters
The Mc doesn’t have blue eyes, but she does have brown skin and short hair. The description fit this story well.

There’s the non-featured one to read if you want. Good thing there isn’t any gem options in it.

Thank you so much! it’s was I was looking for! I really appreciate it XX

No problem!

Okay so this story that I lost was about this girl and her mom died of cancer so her dad sent her to boarding school for 3 years and then randomly he wanted her home and when she got home there was this guy who also lived there and i only got like one chapter in and i need to find it. pls help

Bad boy roommate by Melissa LaVone.

no that wasn’t it:( idk what else i could use to describe it. her mom died of leukemia and she had a butler. i could personalize the mc and the boy and then her best friend. i really cannot find it anywhere

That is the story. Episode beta test it. Click here.